We Welcome Individuals with Disabilities

Many families and outside facilities utilize Have A Hoot’s activities for its therapeutic properties.  The vibrant colors, Soft Obstacle Course & Ballocity, Rock Wall and Ropes Course engage individuals visually, socially, physically and emotionally.  Have A Hoot also provides an outlet for families to participate in their child’s own treatment process, as well as participate in activities to foster the growth of their personal relationships.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our activities or would like to schedule a group trip to our facility.

Places for Special Needs in PennsylvaniaRock climbing can be an excellent activity for children with mental or physical disabilities for a number of reasons. Climbing has been shown to increase spatial perception, hand-eye coordination and balance, while simultaneously working all muscle groups. Climbing also teaches children about advanced planning, problem-solving and goal-setting that are useful in school.

Ropes Courses have long been used therapeutically for confidence building, spatial awareness, communication building and are a staple at many large treatment facilities across the country.

Our staff are provided sensitivity training and our facility is ADA compliant.  Dawn Johns, co-owner, holds a Master’s Degree in Community and Counseling Psychology with majors in Child Psychology and Testing.  Having worked for the Young Adult Institute in New York City and the Director of Vocational Services for Progressive Health in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, her experience includes having worked with all state agencies in the Tri-State area.

Local resources for Families of individuals with disabilities in our area include: (click the links below to visit the websites)

The Center for Development Disabilities of Pike County
Disability Resources on the Internet
Kids Together, Inc.